Tuesday, 8 October 2013

18 months on

I am still using this system, still making money and have built up such a bank that my entire livelihood is make based around betting.

I've not been publishing tips as have noticed a dramatic fall in odds and liquidity (on betting exchanges) now my stakes are at higher levels.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Selections 21/02/2012

St Etienne game finsihed 4-0.

There are 3 selections today but only 2 seem to have odds availability (Edited now all 3 have odds).

1st Game = Bologna v Fiorentina

Draw = £91.40
0-0 = £34.64

2nd Game = Dundee Utd v Kilmarnock

If 1st Game =0-0

Draw = £14.95
0-0 = £30.78

If 1st Game any other draw

Draw = £14.95
0-0 = £34.75

if 1st game any non draw

Draw = £119.03
0-0 = £34.75

There is also a game in the Enlgish Conference between Kettering and Forest Green. As it kicks off at the same time as the Dundee Utd game i'll follow the same principles as that game.

3rd Game = Kettering v Forest Green

If 1st Game =0-0
Draw = £17.62
0-0 = £39.57
If 1st Game any other draw
Draw = £17.62

0-0 = £44.68

if 1st game any non draw

Draw = £140.31
0-0 = £44.68

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Selections 19/02/2012

After 2 0-1 yesterday where both goals were relatively late looking for a winner today from:

St Etienee v Rennes

Draw - £63.26
0-0 £ 34.51

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Football tips 18/02/12

After a few days inactivity there are selections again for todays games.

Fortunately the 2 games for today do not overlap (so i get to see one result before placing my bets on the other).
My last bet finished 2-0 so the first game today is between Xanthi and Asteras T in Greece.

I will be placing £28.04 on the draw, and £23.65 on the 0-0

The second game is between Lorient and Lille in France.

My stakes will depend on the Xanthi result.

If Xanthi finishes 0-0 I will place

Draw - £13.88
0-0 - £33.88

If it finishes with any other draw than 0-0 I will place

Draw - £13.88
0-0 - £26.73

If the anthi game is not a draw I will palce

Draw - £42.36
0-0 - £26.73

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Football tips 15/02/12

A good and a bad day yesterday. Nailed a perfect 0-0 score in the Birmingham game which returned me £347.42, (I actually returned over £400 as received better odds than I am publishing) but the Rotehrham game was decided by a soft penalty. Would have been great to scoop an equal amount on that game.

The problem with having 2 games at the same is that I have to decide what stakes to place on each as the outcome of one game isn't known. If the Birmingham game was played at 5pm - I wouldn't have needed to palce quite so much on the Rotehrham game. Mind you - had the Rotherham game been 0-0 it would have compensated for this.

I am reverting my stakes down again today as I did receive a winner yesterday.

Todays game is:

Levadiakos v Panetolikos in Greece.

I am staking £20.92 on the draw and £23.53 on the 0-0

My current stakes and returns since starting this thread are:

Staked £172.07
Returned £234.98

and i have nearly broken the £1500 profit mark since I started this system in October

Again, I will publsih all stakes and odds as per the http://www.football-bet-data.com/ site - my actual profits exceed this but to allow people to cross check I will use those odds for reference.


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Football tips 14/02/12

Selections for today.

Birmingham v Hull in England £28.64 (draw) and £30.69 (0-0)
Rotherham v Accrington in England £29.67 (draw) and £30.69 (0-0)

As both games kick off at the same time I am placing balanced stakes on each

Monday, 13 February 2012

Football tips 13/02/12

Selection for today.

Academica v Gil Vicente in Portugal. I am backing the draw and the 0-0 remember

I am placing £21.80 on the draw and £30.58 on the 0-0 as I am carrying on from my selections I have been backing since October